Ahoy and welcome to the Borkum Bunker

In all areas of trading and logistics, whether on land or at sea, time management and a just-on-time delivery are decisive factors for being successful in the market. Operated by Frank Weber GmbH, the bunker station of Borkum offers full service to you for a flexible and optimised supply to your ship and crew.

With more than 25 years of experience in fuel trading and a logistically favourable location on the southern pier of the Borkum shelter harbour on the Northern Sea island of Borkum, the tide-independent bunker station makes for the ideal stopover in order to supply ships with fuels, hydraulic oils and lubricants as well as with other goods.

Smooth and fast fuelling is assured for professional shipping on appointment in the daily hours from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. The good networking on the island and Emden/Eemshaven makes for particularly short distances as well as short lay times. Not only customers in the offshore segment and other industries can get fuelled up by us, but also sports boats can be fuelled and diesel can be dispensed to private customers on agreement.

We do not leave you stranded on land either. At our diesel station, you can also get petrol for your car, truck or construction vehicles such as wheel loaders.

All from a single source

We are your competent service partner and contact on site. For example, we will organise repairs and spare parts for you in addition to divers and mechanics as needed, in collaboration with our partners. During your stay in the harbour, you can stock up the supplies on board on a shopping trip with or without crew or you can email us your shopping list in advance and get your order delivered directly onto your boat within the short time frame for fuelling.

We further help you organise a change of crew or search and make reservations for and rooms and hotels in the vicinity. Packages and provisions can also be delivered to our address. We will deliver it to the ship in the next harbour run.

Let us take good care of you and be back at sea soon!

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