About us – Frank Weber GmbH

On deck for more than 25 years

The Borkum bunker station – the Borkum Bunker – is part of Frank Weber GmbH, which has been managed by Frank Weber since 1996. Our work method also shows in our character: experienced, dedicated and always upbeat. Every single day!

Just in time

The optimal location on the southern pier of the Borkum shelter harbour on the Northern Sea island of Borkum is not only particularly interesting to the offshore industry – we also welcome sports and private boats. Our location is extremely well integrated in the local network, which ensures short distances and short lay times.

This allows us to supply you flexibly and reliably with fuels, hydraulic oils and lubricants, as well as other goods „just in time“.

Bunkering in a big way

Equipped with seven tank stores for a total capacity of 290,000 litres, we are easily able to cover our customers’ requirement for diesel fuel. Frank Weber himself always has an eye on the high quality and timely delivery of the fuels and lubricants. Our own vehicle fleet, consisting of three tanker trucks and two additional tanker trailers make logistics between the wholesale dealer, the bunker station and the tank store, respectively, easy as child’s play.

Regardless if it is a cargo vessel, CTV or sports boat, we get all of them supplied, also on land. This relates to passenger cars, trucks and other diesel vehicles that can be readily fuelled at our diesel station.

Technically always in shipshape

Besides fulling the ships with us at the Borkum Bunker, our commercial customers also receive the all-inclusive service if needed, covering everything from bow to astern, with our long-standing partners on site and on the main land, respectively.

For example, the MOS team sees to quick repairs and purchases of spare parts with installation by trained personnel and divers. Quite according to the motto: “Call in the evening and have everything ready in the morning.”

Delivery and other services – we are dedicated to you

We are not only at your side with technical help. Whether an organised shore leave to the local supermarkets with driver or an order of food and other items for consumption via email, our employees will make the delivery directly to the ship for keep the length of the stay as short as possible. A little variation in everyday routine with a pleasant stay in our harbour also keeps the crew’s morale up.

Borkum and vicinity is our home where we know our way around inside and out! If you not only need a docking space for your ship in our region, we will certainly find a suitable inn or hotel for you and also be happy to make the reservations for you. We can organise a docking space for your ship from the harbour master in charge. We are also always ready for a spontaneous crew change, thanks to our great network, which is why we can ensure that you will quickly continue on your voyage.