You can get a few impressions here of not just our workplace but of our home – a place we love to live in. Besides its ideal location for crew transfer vessels, Borkum is also a popular holiday destination. Those who come stay with us or those on a stopover will necessarily get lots of stellar impressions of the rugged nature along the coastal strips and of the live fauna and flora in the vicinity – all you need is take a look. It is always nice to see familiar faces again, who come to the Borkum Bunker for this reason as well.

Cwind Spirit & Cwind Sword visiting Borkum Bunker

The CWind Spirit & CWind Sword visiting the Borkum shelter at the bunker station
A big thank you to Matthew "Leafy" Lane for sharing and approving the pictures :-)

MCS Swath 1 visiting Borkum Bunker

Wind Force II visiting Borkum Bunker

The Wind Force II visiting the Borkum shelter. The refueling is carried out by the Borkum bunker.
A big thank you for the great cooperation over 4 years!



Harbor impressions

Ambient impressions