Fuel trading

The fuel trading is managed successfully by Mr Weber. He sees personally to the quality and the services always being unobjectionable. We can also provide you with the common motor and/or hydraulic oils with a short lead-time. Due to our good contacts, local collaborations and our well-equipped fuelling station, as well as the related vehicle fleet, we can easily also supply you with large quantities of fuel. Mr Weber will be happy to help if you have any questions about fuels or similar


Diesel station

At the diesel station directly at the bunker station, you not only get ship fuels from us but also diesel for passenger cars, trucks and other vehicle. Construction site vehicles like wheel loaders, etc. can also get fuelled up by us. As a special service, we will readily supply you with diesel from a tanker truck, for example, if your construction vehicles are currently unavailable or the construction sites are further away. This saves time and spares your employees the working hours for your construction vehicles.

Opening hours of the diesel station:
Daily from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sports boat fuelling

A fun trip without fuel should not be your problem. Besides the industrial use of our fuelling station, we also offer fuelling for sports boats. From an acceptance quantity of 200 litres, we can fuel your boat – also by truck. For this service, we ask you to make a binding reservation at least one day ahead. Smaller quantities of fuel can also be covered by the provision of canisters – also on request and reservation.