As a service-oriented business, we offer our customers a diverse array of services with which we take care of you and your crew, as well as your ship and cargo in the best possible way.

Everything relating to the ship – care, repair and maintenance

For the care, maintenance and repair of the ships in our harbour, we closely cooperate with MOS | Eemshaven Ship Repair. You will have a competent point of contact not only in emergencies but also entirely as needed, and you will get safe and fast help directly on site. This covers everything from the procurement of spare parts to the organisation of trained mechanics and divers for underwater works, who can be called quickly from Eemshaven or von Borkum. Normally, the specialist personnel will be ready for you in the following morning.

You also have the possibility to get technical support from the employees in Eemshaven directly for particularly urgent work or possibly if the ferry connection in the winter is restricted because of poor weather.

Easy loading and unloading

By means of the 16-tonne crane of the Borkum narrow gauge railway, which is directly next to the bunker station, it is possible to load or unload, for example, containers or bulk cargo, to or from the ship. Frank Weber will be happy to be available for the operation of the crane.

Docking spaces

For ships of the offshore industry, there is also the possibility to enquire ship docking stations from us on short notice. The query will be forwarded immediately by us to the harbour master in charge, so that you will get information fast regarding capacities and options.

The island of Borkum in the Northern Sea has an excellent supply and service harbour for the operation and maintenance of offshore wind parks:

  • Strategically ideal location for seagoing vessels, offshore supply ships and crew transfer vessels
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Tide-independent mooring and floating pontoons
  • Large storage halls and open areas
  • Long eastern quay
  • Central helicopter and aircraft flying field
  • Innovative offshore quarters

If you need more information about this, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Crew change and accommodation

You have the ability to change your crew via Emden/Eemshaven. We are glad to be there for you with advice and to initiate contact. If you need rooms for yourself and/or your crew to stay overnight, we can recommend accommodations specific to your needs and we will help you with the organisation and making the reservations. We will be sure to find you a safe haven!

At this time, innovative residential quarters are being built for the service staff of the offshore wind park in the Borkum harbour. The needs of the service staff are at the centre as is energetically sustainable living. Besides the enormous savings of time and cost, the residential quarters offer diverse options for recreation and relaxation. Furthermore, a modern infrastructure with shopping possibilities, gastronomy and sufficient parking spaces are being created.

Please find more information about the Borkum shelter harbour at Borkum Hafen Immobilien GmbH.

Provisioning for the crew

You can stock up with us – but not only on fuel. We will also refill your pantries. For as long as you are mooring with us in the harbour, you will have the possibility to stock up your supplies on shipping trips with or without your crew. We will take you to the local shopping centres and shops or we will run your errands directly for you.

Should you have only a narrow time window, an order can also be placed conveniently via email in advance. Your order will be delivered while you are bunkering.
By the way: Shopping is usually also possible on Sunday mornings, e.g. at Lidl, Markant, etc.

Post and orders:

Are you expecting an order or parcels of any kinds? Then, feel invited to use our business address as the delivery address. Frank Weber GmbH will forward your orders to you personally and as fast as possible.